Worst Symptom to Have? | #ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

Worst Symptom to Have? l #ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

#AskDrHetland - Symptom Checker

Hey Dr. Ryan Hetland here. Welcome to today's short video.

I have one question for you and that is this one right behind me here. It says, "What is the worst symptom of all?"

I'll change this so we get some better lighting here. What's the worst symptom of all? If you think about back pain, neck pain, headaches, think about a symptom of your health that's the worst of all and I'll tell you the answer and you probably won't guess it-nothing.

Having no symptom at all, if you have a problem and you have no symptom, then you don't even have any awareness that there's a problem to fix or anything you should be doing to change it in your life.

The best examples are heart disease and cancer, number two and number three leading causes of death in the world today, as far as the last research I have read, and the statistics are staggering. 5 out of 6 will die of heart disease or cancer in America and that's almost 100% of you guys.

So we have got to be more aware that these are things we have to address and you might say, well how much is genetic? Again, the research I've read and I've seen is 2% overall is a genetic complication for these sorts of problems, and so, just things to be aware of, when it comes to your health, don't wait for you to have symptoms. Invest in your health now. It's like me saying, "Health is an investment. Don't wait for it to be an expense."

One of the most expensive things to try and treat in your life is cancer or heart disease. I mean, hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars are spent on trying to treat this thing individually and globally, or at least in America, I believe, it's $60 billion spent to try and treat cancer, so don't wait to get this.

This stuff can bankrupt you. This stuff will kill you, obviously, and so, what's the worst symptom of all? Nothing.

If you have a problem, don't you want to know about it? Don't you want to be aware that you should be doing something now to change it and guess what? We should. We should be doing something to change it and so anything you can do to give yourself an edge up on your body to give yourself health, you should be doing it.

Getting chiropractic check-up and adjustment for your spine to optimally full, beautiful thing to be doing, so, be encouraged that there's hope. 98% of the problem is just stuff we can control, stuff we can do. It gives us freedom to do things and control our health.

So have a great day and be blessed.


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