Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Discusses a Healthier Spine

Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Discusses a Healthier Spine

Chiropractor Discusses a Healthier Spine

Most of us in Inver Grove Heights do not pay much attention to the most important part of our bodies on a daily basis. As long as we are living without discomfort, our spine rarely gets noticed. Even though most people do not think about their spine health everyday - we should. Recent statistics demonstrate that 80-90% of the population will be affected by spinal issues accompanied by back pain at some point in life. Not including victims that have back injuries from accidents, people who are smokers, overweight, and lift heavy weights, are at the highest risk for back pain. It is important for everyone to live a healthy life and maintain their spinal health.

n the contents below, there are proven strategies from your chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights aimed at improving spinal health.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

  • Discovering the ideal weight for your body is important so that your spine and leg joints do not need to support excess weight. It is ideal to stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight.
  • The lower back is greatly affected when the core muscles are not strong enough. Keeping a strong core helps the body stay aligned and consequently, the spine.
  • Fixing your overall body health aids the spine. Work to eat healthier food with a planned workout routine. This will help you lose weight and relieve pressure from the spine.
  • Make sure to stretch before and after workouts.
  • Consult a physician to examine your diet or exercise program to make sure there are no underlying conditions that you need to be aware of.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is terrible for body as a whole. It restricts the opening of your blood vessels as a result of the 4000 chemicals found in cigarettes. This slows the body's ability to transport nutrients throughout the blood vessels, making it harder for the spine to heal.

Sleeping Habits

  • Having good support when you sleep is very important. Additionally, if you feel pain when you sleep, try to adjust your sleeping position so that the pain is relieved.
  • Sleeping on your back, on average, adds 50 pounds of additional pressure to your spine. By simply putting a pillow under your knees half that pressure can be relieved.
  • People who sleep on their sides can reduce the compressive force on their spines by putting a pillow in between their knees.


  • Standing, surprisingly, can be done wrong. Do not stand with your knees locked. Keeping your knees slightly bent and relaxing by placing one foot in front of the other is good for relieving spinal pressure.
  • Try to stop standing in a position where you are bent at the waist as well.


  • When lifting objects, do not lift by straightening your back. Keep your back straight and lift with your leg muscles.
  • Instead of twisting during the act of lifting, move your feet.
  • If you are able to pull or push the object, instead of opposing gravity and lifting, do so.
  • If you are in need of assistance ask for it.
  • If you are carrying an object, carry it close to the body and lift it equally with both hands.


  • Do not slump in a chair and try to keep your back straight as if you were standing.
  • Your hips should be below your knees.
  • Try to keep your head straight and looking ahead.


  • Be sure to bend your knees and keep your back as straight as you can when grabbing an object below the waist.
  • When there is an object above your head get a stool to grab it so it is, at maximum, shoulder height.


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