Chiropractor Inver Grove Heights MN Ryan Hetland Spinal Decompression Specialist
Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Ryan Hetland Harvard Medical
Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Ryan Hetland TPI Gonstead Certified
Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Ryan Hetland Active Release Certified
Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Ryan Hetland TPI Certified

Dr. Ryan Hetland, DC, GCSS, ART, DTP, TPI

  • Founder of RH
  • Gonstead Chiropractor
  • Active Release Technique Certified
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • Decompression Therapy Practitioner
  • The Harvard Medical School CME

My entire life I have loved observing, learning and trying to get better at things related to health, sports and the human body! As a young kid I tried every sport but ended up being the best at sports with some type of stick, bat, racquet, or club in my hands. Being a Gonstead Chiropractor has allowed me to continue using my hands and focus on precision and excellence. I was introduced to the Active Release Therapy soft-tissue technique from Dr. Troy van Beizen in Dallas, Texas who treats more Professional Athletes than any other Chiropractor I know.

After 11 years into practice and over 100,000 treatments later, I have dedicated myself to the most specialized and world-renowned techniques and therapies that get the best results for my patients. I am also committed to educating and helping as many people as possible with the knowledge and wisdom I have attained to reach their best potential.

Learning isn’t enough, I have to apply what I learn which comes out at RH as well as my passion for teaching. Whether it's teaching Chiropractic students at the college, my patients, helping companies teach their employees, YouTube videos or someday writing a book.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree | University of Minnesota | Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree | Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Physiotherapy | National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Chiropractic Radiology | Northwestern College of Chiropractic
  • Lifestyle Medicine Post Graduate Education | The Harvard Medical School
  • Pediatric & Pregnancy Post Graduate Education | The First Adjustment
  • Clinical Nutrition Post Graduate Education | Standard Process
  • Associate Clinic Faculty | Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Certified Gonstead Chiropractor, GCSS
  • Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner, DTP
  • Certified Active Release Therapy Practitioner, ART
  • Americas Best Chiropractors | 2018
  • Minnesota Monthly Best Chiropractors, Multi-Year Winner
  • Baron Chiropractor Award | Dr. Fernandez
  • Patient Choice Winner | Open Care

“You will find me spending as much time with those I love, cooking, playing with my two girlies, traveling, working out, and then relaxing!”
- Dr. Ryan Hetland