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Our Golf Specific Services:

Our team of highly-trained professionals blend Advanced Gonstead Chiropractic treatments and services with extensive knowledge of Swing Bio-mechanics and Body-Swing Connections and advanced skills with Active Release Techniques to offer our patients the best in individualized care. Whether you are a beginner just getting into golf, an active individual golfer, or a PGA professional, the benefits of RH's custom, effective treatments will get you back to being pain free, improve your golf performance and get you to the next level.

Dr. Hetland's TPI Certified Golf Evaluation & Team

Starts with extensive knowledge about how the body works and how the golf swing works, called the "Body Swing Connection". We have a network of TPI fitness, medical and golf professionals that work together, and at RH we evaluate the golfer to help identify any physical limitations that might be affecting their golf swing and the cause of potential pain or injuries.

TPI Swing Philosophy

  • "If you don't test, it is just a guess"
  • We believe there is one efficient way for every golfer to swing and it's based on what you're physically able to do.
  • Together with a TPI golf professional we can combine 3D motion capture, which we call "The MRI of the Golf Swing" to visually, numerically and graphically evaluate the players swing and biomechanics. Coupled with Dr. Hetland's body evaluation to assess how your body is physically able to perform and what physical limitations may be limiting your performance and potentially causing pain or injuries.

TPI Philosophy of the Body

"The body is made up of a pattern of stable segments connected by mobile joints, and if that pattern is broken something bad is going to happen"

Back Pain and The Golfer

We help the golfer identify, treat and fix mobility and stability break downs through a TPI certified evaluation of every joint and segment of the body used in the golf swing and combine the necessary treatments to improve any breakdowns in the body swing connection to improve the players game and the way the players body feels while playing golf on and off the course.

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