#ASKDRHETLAND – Can I Get Adjusted When Pregnant in Inver Grove Heights?

#ASKDRHETLAND - Can I Get Adjusted When Pregnant in Inver Grove Heights?

Can I Get Adjusted When Pregnant?

Guys, Dr. Hetland here. I'm here with Elisa.

When are you due, Elisa?

Elisa: One week and two days from today.

Okay, so she's about ready to have a baby. I wanted to show you how we check her out and before we give her an adjustment, so come on over, we'll check her low back.

You're okay with this, Elisa?

It's winter in Minnesota.

So we're checking her for any heat differences. Can you see this? How's the hips been?

Elisa: Pretty sore.

Dr. Hetland: Yeah, right down here. Tender down on this hip here.

Not much movement going on this way, is there?

All right, let's check your neck.

Elisa, you've been getting adjusted the whole time now, haven't you?

Elisa: Yup.

Dr. Hetland: How have you felt adjustments have helped you through the pregnancy and through carrying a baby and all that?

Elisa: I think it helped a lot. Yeah, I feel really good, so that's great.

Dr. Hetland: You've kind of had a pretty amazing, you know, time and you haven't really had too much struggle with your back. It's been pretty clean and healthy and you felt overall pretty good?

Elisa: Yup, yeah, really good.

Dr. Hetland: And you're carrying this baby full-term, so baby's head is down, right, as far as you guys know?

Elisa: Yup, way down now.

Dr. Hetland: So we got some pressure up on her upper neck and just so you guys know who are watching, we have her X-rays that we took before she was pregnant so we can look at the position of the vertebra before I adjust it.

We'll show you a Gonstead adjustment here. Relax. Perfect.

As you'll notice, she's comfortable. She's got room for her baby, so you see that and that's real comfortable.

Come on up here.

So this gives room for her to feel comfortable and tell me and let me know if there's enough room.

You can kind of see how this gives room for her baby to feel comfortable there.

Okay, next here.

Oh, that's gonna be good.

We've been doing it here for your hips?

Elisa: I've been doing it on the side.

Dr. Hetland: Let's go for it. Sometimes we can adjust the hips here and most of the time, though, we're going to go over here to the bench and get a better comfortable set.

So even up to the week before delivery, we can still adjust her comfortably in this position. She kind of gets set right up there. She's even more flexible now, actually.

You have to be gentle and careful because the baby's down in there and the head's down there so we got to make sure we're as gentle as we can but still get it. There we got it. Perfect. Feel okay?

Elisa: Yeah.

Dr. Hetland: Cool. For baby and mom's sake before she delivers, she want to make sure the hips are comfortable for the pregnancy and she'll have an even better pregnancy if we get her adjusted. Cool?

Elisa: Awesome. Thank you.

Dr. Hetland: Thanks for watching.


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