Check out Jeff, In our Patient Spotlight in Inver Grove Heights!

Check out Jeff, In our Patient Spotlight in Inver Grove Heights!

Check Out Jeff

Hey, Dr. Ryan Hetland here. I'm here with one of my favorite patients, Jeff, and I was just talking with him about, you know, just life and having fun here. What did you say the two favorite places to go where?

Jeff: My favorite places to go is Sunday morning, I get so excited to go to church because that's where the healing power of Jesus Christ is and the other one is coming to Dr. Hetland's office because there's healing here.

This is a healing office that God has given him-a ministry-which is totally, and this is true, this is from my heart because I almost crawled into this office. I was in so much agony and pain about a couple of years ago, whatever. But now, I'm working, I'm doing everything again that I should and it's because of the healing power of Jesus and this is through Dr. Hetland and that's Jesus working through him.

The guy is phenomenal. His hands, he adjusts, he knows what he's doing. He's a brilliant man and when he does things to adjust my body, wonderful things and healings are happening and I'm 65 years old; I actually feel 40.

Dr. Hetland: That's awesome.

Jeff: That's true.

Dr. Hetland: And if you don't mind this, as seen, you had 5 years ago...

Jeff: Five years ago on the 20th of October, I had 100% blockage in my artery. I had a heart attack. I was in Stillwater. It took me two hours to get to the hospital, the operating table, and with 100% blockage, I should have been dead. And I also had a 70 it was, I think, and a 50% blockage.

Dr. Hetland: But now, when he comes in, when he first came in for what? What did you first came in, for disabling-- You had paralysis.

Jeff: I had some paralysis on my left leg and the sciatica was just so intense, the pain was so-- and I couldn't drive. I had my friend, Tom, he'd bring me in and like I say, I almost limped into the office and you started working on me right away. And since then, it's just been uphill and I'm getting healthier and stronger and stronger and stronger.

Dr. Hetland: And your work is painting, so you got to get up and down ladders. That ain't happening when you're...

Jeff: This spring, I bought two 40-foot ladders to do a high project. Two years ago, I didn't even want to lift a 40-foot ladder and here I did a house, big dream house in St. Paul with a 40-foot ladder and moved it by myself, did everything pretty much by myself. It's only the grace of God.

Dr. Hetland: 65 years old, huh? What a test. I want to share with you guys, this guy is an inspiration. He's a blessing wherever he goes, so I hope you enjoyed today.

Jeff: And not only that, but I'm actually building pipes. I'm building muscle again that I couldn't do when I was 40.

Dr. Hetland: This guy's incredible.

Jeff: It's amazing. Thank you.

Dr. Hetland: You're welcome. Have a good day. All right.


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