Death/Cost of Medical Care vs. Chiropractic Care |#ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

Death/Cost of Medical Care vs. Chiropractic Care | #ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

#ASKDRHETLAND Death/Cost of Medical Care vs Chiropractic Care

Hey guys, Dr. Ryan Hetland here.

Just a quick video. I wanted to give your attention to this because if you have neck or back pain, and you're considering surgery, let's just talk a couple of things that you should know.

One is the cost is unbelievably expensive. The average spinal fusion, which I've done videos on the past, is $90,000 to $150,000. Now even if you just had to pay 20% of that, think about that.

But a lot of times, there's limits and there's a reason medical costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy and something to be considered.

The other thing to really understand here is look it up and look at the research. The number three leading cause of death in America is hospital errors, meaning they're dying because something wrong happened when you went into the hospital to get that surgery.

How many deaths occur from a chiropractor's office in a year? Almost every year, it's zero and if one happens in the year, it makes sensational news and it's blown out of proportion and say that it's unsafe to see a chiropractor.

Now, let's put that in perspective. One a year, if that in chiropractic, 250,000 in Medicine. This is not necessarily your safest bet. It's definitely the most expensive and when you compare that to chiropractic's effectiveness for back and neck pain and spinal disc decompression that we do in our office, which is huge. This is stuff you need to know.

So share this, like this with your friends. Let them know about this information and I'll talk to you again soon.


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