Do You Suffer Radiating Pain From Shoulder Into Arm in Inver Grove Heights?

Do You Suffer Radiating Pain From Shoulder Into Arm in Inver Grove Heights?


Hey there, Dr. Ryan Hetland here. Welcome to today's 3-minute seminar. I had a great question from one of my YouTube viewers and it was regarding the shoulder blade, which is right back here called the scapula, and they're having pain near their shoulder blade, commonly, what I see, anyways, between the shoulder blade and it was causing radiating pain down the arm and into the hand and the fingers causing numbness, and he said, mainly one side, but occasionally, he'll get it in the other hand as well.

So he wanted me to explain that a little bit and how I would go about kind of figuring out why that would be the case. And, unfortunately, this person said they had been to another chiropractor, they've had a massage and, actually, he might not have been to the chiropractor yet. I think he was actually kind of figuring out now that he'd gotten a massage, he'd went to the medical doctor to figure things out, and none of that, unfortunately, had helped up to this point. So, he's considering chiropractic for this problem and I'm sure this is a common thing around the world today where you have this pain. It might be coming from the shoulder blade and creating and it's radiating down the arm. What do you do?

Now, there's obviously more to this. I can't tell this person or anyone of you, particularly this is your problem, this is what you need to do, that's what you have to go to the chiropractor to figure out, like myself, but I can give you some tips. And the main take home from this is, primarily, when you have numbness, radiating pain down into the arm, down in the finger tips, you just have to really understand that that is a nerve causing that. That's a nerve symptom, I should say.

What's causing it could be anything. Someone with fingertips, if it's just this, could be carpal tunnel. We don't know; we have to figure that out. It could be an impingement in the elbow itself. It could be an impingement on the shoulder from a muscle or a tendonitis or a number of things, but you kind of go down the chain here, but you could tell what was interesting, this starts in the shoulder blade.

Somewhere in the middle of this back, either the muscle or the vertebra itself and the shoulder, or it could be a number of other things, but primarily what I see is either trigger points causing referred-type pain, which is a video I just had done and there's a spot in the mid-back, like you'll see in this poster here, that creates, if you cause problems in there, it will create pain down the arm.

So watch the video on referred pain versus radiating pain. I kind of dissect that in 3 minutes to be more helpful, but this is a classic case where I think this patient is probably suffering from radiating pain from the middle of his back.

And so, consider that, message me and consider going to a chiropractor if you're not in the Twin Cities area where I'm at in Inver Grove Heights and in Inver Grove Heights. You can message me. Go to, and you can find a doctor there. Those are some of the best-trained chiropractors around the country and, at least, in America. I know a lot of you, viewers, are actually from around the world.

So, anyways, I hope this is helpful for you. Feel free to message me. Make a note and comment below, and I hope this video is helpful for you. Have a great day. See you back here on the next video.


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