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Health Coaching in Inver Grove Heights Why Can't I Just Shed Those Last Few Pounds

Why Can't I Just Shed Those Last Few Pounds?

How many times have you redundantly and meticulously researched why you can't seem to lose the weight like everybody else? How many times have you tried everything under the sun; Jenny Craig, Paleo, Apple Cider Vinegar, fasting and nothing, NOTHING, seems to last? Mikayla, you Inver Grove Heights Health Coach, knows why.

Let me tell you something, You Are Not Alone.

Challenge yourself for a second and reflect on all past attempts you made to lose that pesky weight. Can you imagine yourself sustaining that plan or program for longer than 1 year?

Most likely your answer is no, and there is a reason for that!

You think if only… I had more willpower, more determination, if I went to the gym longer, worked out harder, cut out all the carbs, all the dairy, all the fat.

Here's the thing, it is not you… it's the diets themselves. They WANT you to fail, because you'll keep on coming back.

So then what should you do? What real steps can you take to truly reach food freedom and achieve lasting change?

What you have control over:

  • Your mentality
  • Listening to your body
  • Creating one degree of change a day
  • Letting go of "good" vs "bad" foods

I know this may cause some frustration, anxiety, rendering even more questions or concerns. Where do I start? How do I do it?

Chiropractic Burnsville MN Mikayla LarsonWhich is why I am here.

Coaching With Mikayla is designed to meet your individualistic needs. I am here to help you map out a pathway and much more clearly visualize what you really want your life to look like. Together, we will work to slowly implement new habits, build consistency and confidence, and uncover the obstacles that may stand in your way.


with no out of pocket expense!