Top 5 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care? |#ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care? |#ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

|#ASKDRHETLAND| - Top 5 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care!

One of the frequent questions that Dr. Hetland receives - "Why isn't my back pain getting better, even after adjustments?" While Gonstead Chiropractic care can help eliminate back pain and ensure that the spine is in alignment to allow for full potential of bodily function, as a patient it is important to maintain your adjustment through a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 reasons why you still might be in pain:

1.) Feeling Down

There are certain mood disorders that contribute to back pain, whether it is depression or a case of the 'blues', often times emotional state is common cause of back pain. Feeling down can result in poor sleeping patterns and unhealthy diet choices. As a result, these habits can cause lower back pain. A balanced diet and effort towards exercise will improve symptoms and overall wellness.

2.) Phone

'Text Neck' has been a recent phenomenon in the chiropractic world. Starring down at a phone for extended periods of time throughout the day can put massive strain on the neck and compromise healthy posture. In addition, the position that the phone is used can also put stress on the spine when it is wedged between the shoulder and chin. Try to eliminate time spent looking at phones with bad posture and keep in mind how the phone is being held for those long conversations.

3.) Feet

Depending on the way feet are pointed, this can change where and how weight is distributed from a standing position. When feet either point inward or outward, this causes the spine to compensate for added pressure and create poor posture. It is important to properly stretch out muscles in your legs that may cause feet to point in one direction or the other. Stretching will improve feet position and allow for better posture and standing position.

4.) Core Muscle Weakness

Core muscles are easily forgotten when it doesn't mean a firm six pack. Core muscles surround the spine and support the upper body. It is important that these muscles are strong enough to support weight of the upper body. There are simple exercises that can be done to help build strength in the core so the upper body is properly supported that allow for better posture.

5.) Tight Muscles

Something that is often overlooked is the importance of stretching. When muscles tighten up over an extended period of time, the body does strange this to compensate the added pressure. Allowing muscles in the neck, core, and back to relax and stretched will help focus on those tight spots that hold tension. Remember, stress is often held in the neck and upper back, keeping these areas tense will often lead to subluxations. Find three stretches paired with deep breathing to help relieve those tight muscles.

Let us know what has been working for you...

Hope that Helps!

- Dr. H

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