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If you've been searching for an answer to your physical problems without resorting to traditional medicine, River Heights Health & Injury Clinic may be your answer. Traditional doctors treat problems once they've already happened, but our chiropractor in Inver Grove, MN emphasizes keeping the body healthy in order to avoid painful physical problems.

We have become a referral destination over the past 10 years for complex back and neck conditions for adults and children.

Whether you're already in pain or you want to get healthy to prevent injuries and chronic problems, our team is ready to put you on the road to good health.


Dr. Hetland truly began his career as a chiropractor in high school, when he told his college prep counselor that he loved working with his hands as an athlete, loved working out and was fascinated with the brain and nervous system. It was after the counselor heard this he recommended Dr. Hetland consider Chiropractic.

​He had no idea what Chiropractic was or what it was all about. He visited a local Chiropractor in Eagan, MN and was amazed with Chiropractic. Seeing how the Doctor of Chiropractic was helping people heal from injuries and illnesses with his mind and his hands was remarkable to him.

​​He applied for the Pre-Chiropractic courses at the University of Minnesota and the Chiropractic College at the University of Northwestern Health Sciences in Bloomington, MN.

Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care is far from the traditional view of caring for painful backs and necks. In fact, we care for patients every day with a wide variety of concerns, from nutrition to allergies. One of our most common patient concerns is chiropractic care for fibromyalgia in Minnesota.

In addition, we often see patients for:

  • Disc Herniations & Bulges
  • Migraine and chronic headaches
  • Sciatica and other pinched nerves
  • Whiplash and other soft tissue damage after an auto accident
  • Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow

Looking for a Chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights, MN?
More and more, people are searching for an alternative to traditional medicine without its prescriptions and surgeries. They're looking for a more natural way to live their lives to get healthy and prevent injuries and illnesses instead of having to treat them after the fact. Dr. Hetland and our entire team are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

​How about you? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to be truly healthy? The first step is coming into our office for a thorough examination and consultation with our doctor. Begin today by contacting our office at (651) 756-7941 or Click Here for Online Scheduling. We'll be happy to make an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.


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