Pain & Recovery in Inver Grove Heights

Whether you are an NBA star for the Minnesota Timberwolves, an athlete, weekend warrior, a busy health-conscious soccer mom or someone that finds themselves in front of computer 40+ hours a week; we all desire relief from pain and seek to achieve optimal energy, strength, alertness, clarity, etc.

Your body is complex, with every system integrated and impacting other systems.
It is for this reason that our office takes a multi-disciplined, drug and surgery-free approach to health and wellness.

Each patient is different

Just like any trainer of elite-level sports teams, we need a plan of action. Every patient that is treated at our clinic has a custom Patient Playbook & Training Guide

​We start your training guide with crafting your specific diagnosis, set goals, create your pain to wellness strategy, then your wellness to optimized health strategy.

Where so many physicians fail because they are only exploring a small segment of your condition, we will do an exam, set goals, explore your nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, behaviors, products you use, routines, and even your mindset and beliefs.

So if you're seeking physical therapy because you're an athlete who is always training, or you suffer from pain, tingling, swelling due to either your active, or in-active lifestyle...


I challenge you to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

I assure you with our Patient Playbook and Training Guide, your road to recovery and optimized health are in your grasp.


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