#ASKDRHETLAND – Chiropractic and Headaches in Inver Grove Heights!

#ASKDRHETLAND - Chiropractic and Headaches in Inver Grove Heights!

#ASKDRHETLAND - Chiropractic and Headaches, will it help?

All right, Dr. Hetland here. I want to answer the question, "Can chiropractic help my headaches?" And, man, headaches can be such an unbearable problem to have, symptom to have. It can stop you from working; some of you get migraines that can't even handle light. It can take them out for days at a time. Some of you will suffer chronic headaches all the time.

Now, if that's you, and you're wondering if chiropractic can help headaches, the answer is yes and no, but more often, the answer is yes because the nerves that come out of your neck, as you can see in this poster right up here, the nerves that come out of the neck go up into the head. I even have another anatomy book right here I'll show you right in the Atlas of the Human Anatomy here.

You can see how all these nerves are coming out of the neck, going into the jaw, going up into the head, and that's why so many people are having problems coming from their neck, giving them headaches. And what happens is you need to know this, is the spinal vertebra can become misaligned, whether it's rotating, tipping, or what we call text neck or forward head posture, where even things from the upper back, low back, are causing forward head posture and causing problems and pressure irritating these nerves as they come out of the neck.

Now, careful evaluation of this by a professional who can identify how this vertebra are specifically misaligned so they can make the proper adjustment to reposition that vertebra, taking the pressure off those nerves is critical for someone suffering from headaches. So if you're suffering from headaches, migraines, and you haven't been checked, go see your chiropractor. If you're in the Twin Cities, Inver Grove Heights area, come see me. I'm happy to look at this and evaluate with proper testing. We can even do neurological orthopedic testing as well and I have some of the best neurologists in the Twin Cities to refer to for those who needed another medical professional as well.

So, hopefully, that helps you understand why headaches could be coming from the neck and how misalignments of the spine can be causing them, irritating the nerves, and help taking pressure off those nerves, the irritation off those nerves by proper adjustment can help people suffering headaches. Hope that helps; have a great day.


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