#ASKDRHETLAND – Headaches in Inver Grove Heights!

#ASKDRHETLAND - Headaches in Inver Grove Heights!


Well, neck pain, what an area to have pain in, huh? This can be a debilitating spot in the body to get pain in. When you start to get pain in the neck, anything can happen because the nerves that come out of the neck go up into the head. They come out into the shoulders, a super common area for people's neck pain to be travelling into the shoulders, down the arm, even down the arm into the elbow, into the hands and the fingertips, giving you carpal tunnel and even carpal tunnel symptoms.

Nerves coming out of the neck have been known to do a tremendous amount of damage and pain, even getting into where discs are herniating, bulging, and causing pain for people, so definitely a tremendous area to get pain in. And the question that comes when you start to get any sort of nerve pain or pain in the neck, shoulders, arm, head, headaches, you have to ask yourself where these nerves coming from and are those nerves and where they're coming from healthy?

So when we look and trace nerves back up into the neck, from the head, into the neck, from the arms, shoulders, hands, fingertips, into the neck, we certainly want to look and evaluate how healthy the spine is in that area, how the nerves are in that area and if there's any irritation or pressure onto that area. Of course, whenever a vertebra is misaligned in the spine, realigning that vertebra, taking pressure off those nerves is going to help a tremendous amount.

And in our office, we have spinal disc decompression, which is where you'll stretch the disc apart, which will help the disc to pull. The disc is really like a sponge, like when you squeeze a sponge, water goes out, when you let go of the sponge, water can suck back in. That pumping mechanism like a sponge is like a disc and it's called imbibition. So whenever we're restoring the alignment of the spine and the neck and we start to stretch and pump the disc and restore that natural pumping mechanism to the disc, people get tremendously quick results. They feel better really fast in a short period of time and it can be a lifesaver for anyone with neck pain.

So, if you're having neck pain and you prefer short-term, quick care that gets you better fast, then call my office. I'm Dr. Ryan Hetland. I look forward to serving you soon.


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