Back Pain, Sleep Trouble, Irritable Bowel – 100% GONE! in Inver Grove Heights!

Back Pain, Sleep Trouble, Irritable Bowel - 100% GONE! in Inver Grove Heights!

Back Pain, Sleep Trouble, Irritable Bowel - 100% Gone

Hey, Dr. Ryan Hetland and I'm here with...

Elaine: Elaine.

Dr. H: Elaine. Elaine was telling me her story and I was kind of digging and you came in with back pain and it was going down the legs.

Elaine: Yes, it was going down on both of the legs on the sides.

Dr. H: Going down on both of the legs? Now we were talking about her sleep and how she was not sleeping well. She was, before she came in, she was not sleeping well. Can you kind of share kind of you went and got a new mattress?

Elaine: Yup, nope, I wasn't sleeping well and I thought, "Well, let's go try a new mattress," and of course we got a new mattress and that wasn't working. And I needed a new chiropractor because my other one was going somewhere else. Someone was recommending you so I tried you and I slept like a baby.

Dr. H: So her biggest testimonial right now, obviously, the back pain is gone almost 100% and she's sleeping incredible like she says like a baby. And the other thing was she was having some indigestion after she was eating, so she wasn't comfortable and even just a simple salad was creating problems, right, indigestion?

Elaine: Yeah, basically a lot of the stuff I was eating just indigestion and you know, where you just don't feel comfortable eating out, you know, you always want that bathroom close by and just with the adjustments you've given me, I feel 100% to go out and eat and feel comfortable eating.

Dr. H: It's amazing. So here's the summary: Back pain, sleeping wasn't well, indigestion, hard time after eating, no drugs.

Elaine: No drugs.

Dr. H: No drugs. We just did chiropractic care. We gave her some boswellia, which is an anti-inflammatory supplement. We've done non-surgical spinal decompression for the disc that's been compressing.

And how long since you started getting treatment before you started seeing results? First day? First week?

Elaine: I'd say, probably, like the third day.

Dr. H: Third day?

Elaine: Yeah, just to get my body adjusted and I think got used to it.

Dr. H: Started to feel when you go to sleep? What was the first thing that got better? Back pain?

Elaine: My back pain.

Dr. H: Back pain?

Elaine: And the shooting pain going down.

Dr. H: So sciatica was down on both legs. So think about that. Sciatica down both legs is nerve pain down both legs and now she's sleeping well and within three days after her first treatment or three first few sessions, she was already getting better...

Elaine: I was, I guess, so...

Dr. H: Pretty cool. We're pretty happy for you. Congratulations.

Elaine: I am happy, happy and you got to come see him.

Dr. H: All right. All right, I hope that helps you. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine: Yeah, no problem.


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