Aggressive Chiropractic Adjustment? Patients Explains Experience Before Dr. Hetland in Inver Grove Heights!

Aggressive Chiropractic Adjustment? Patients Explains Experience Before Dr. Hetland in Inver Grove Heights!

Patient Experience - Aggressiveness Before Dr. H

Hey, this is Dr. Hetland here with Jerry. She's a patient here. I just wanted to introduce her to you.

We were talking about her experience with other chiropractors and hers is really, I don't think that unique. I think it's fairly common, don't you?

Jerry: Yes.

Dr. H: Yes. So she went to two other chiropractors before me and unfortunately, she didn't have the best of experience, got some results, but she actually felt like-- I'll let her explain.

The first one did this big-- wrapped a towel around your neck, sort of.

Jerry: Yes, I was having tingling in my hands and he took a towel and wrapped it around my neck and then had his wife sit on my legs, and then he started jerking the towel and pulling at my spine.

Dr. H: Wait a minute. His wife sat on your legs?

Jerry: Yes.

Dr. H: Okay, I didn't hear that part of the story, but I have heard the towel part and he jerked the towel aggressively and that was the only adjustment you got?

Jerry: Yes.

Dr. H: Okay.

Jerry: And it was barbaric and I think I was in the process of moving over to this side of town. When I found you I didn't want to go back there. I wouldn't go back to the first one because he was so-- It was more like jerking and twisting and I was looking for pain relief and now I feel like I'm on the road to wellness and the X-ray showed the story that things are improving.

Dr. H: Right, so I don't think that's uncommon, this jerking, twisting, aggressive style of adjusting is kind of common. If you just go on YouTube and search chiropractic, we have it up here, see if you can see this.

I mean, you can see this person right down here getting their neck aggressively twisted and then you can see ones where there's people grimacing in pain and there's people getting the big adjustment. I forget what this doctor calls it where they wrap their towel around their neck.

Now, there might be some science to that. There might be some doctors applying that well, so I don't want to throw any mud at the technique itself, but just I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I see every day.


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