Chronic Back Pain… Gone! |#ChiropracTIP in Inver Grove Heights!

Chronic Back Pain... Gone! |#ChiropracTIP in Inver Grove Heights!

Chronic Back Pain Gone! - Part 1

All right, I'm here with Kate today--Kate Hamilton.

This is Dr. Ryan Hetland and this is Kate. Kate was telling me this amazing story. I think I said something to her one day like, what did I say? Consider...

Kate: Just cut out the grains a little bit and maybe a little bit of sugar.

Dr. Hetland: Just grains and sugar, so think about this. This simple tip: Cut out grains. Cut out sugar.

She was having pain

Kate: Lots of pain.

Dr. Hetland: Chronic pain, lots of pain, and I said, "Listen, that's like gasoline on the fire."

Kate: Right and I didn't know that.

Dr. Hetland: Right, she had no idea, so I tell her and I tell this to people every day, however, Kate actually listened, and so she-- How long ago was that?

Kate: About a month and a half, two months maybe.

Dr. Hetland: Okay, maybe six weeks?

Kate: Probably two months.

Dr. Hetland: Six to eight weeks. Six to eight weeks and what has been the result?

Kate: Well, I've lost 13 pounds, which is really nice and I needed to lose that.

Dr. Hetland: Look at her.

Kate: But the best part is I have no pain in my back. The pain is totally gone.

Dr. Hetland: 100%

Kate: 100% gone.

Dr. Hetland: Yeah and was it hard?

Kate: No.

Dr. Hetland: Okay, so one thing she said to me was, "What do I have to lose?"

Kate: Right. I had nothing to lose.

Chronic Back Pain GONE! Part 2

All right, hey there, Dr. Ryan Hetland here. You just saw a testimonial of a patient who listened to me and my advice to get rid of grains in the diet, get rid of sugar in the diet and decrease, if not, get rid of dairy--cow's milk, dairy, cheese, etcetera.

I just want to expound on how to go about doing that.

Just Google anything grains, like the No-Grain Diet. Dr. Mercola has that. You could look up They'll have information on that. Just Google most common grains. It's your cereals, it's your breads, it's your pastas, it's your flour, basically anything made with flour, of course. But just think of all of those things, potato chips. These are all grains that inflame and are like gasoline on a fire of pain.

So, if you have back pain, neck pain, arthritis, pain, any sort of pain, you should really, if you're serious about it, get rid of the grains and then sugar. Look at everything. Look at everything you eat. How much sugar is it, the ketchup that you put in, the Larabar? Are you eating tons of bananas? It could have been something even healthy that you know but it has a lot of sugar, right?

You might be having a "healthy" drink that has tons of sugar in it, so you're going to get rid of the sugar, you're going to get rid of the grains and you're going to eliminate or decrease substantially the dairy that's in your diet.

This is humongous advice that if followed, you get the results. The miracle The Seed and the Sower is not just from thinking that it's good. It's putting the seed in the ground, the action of doing it. So, make sure you take action and do something about this.

So if you are just like Kate and say, "Hey, listen, I got nothing to lose. I've tried. Why don't you do this?" Do it, at least, for 30 days; at least 30 days. Now I'd recommend 60 days. That should be a goal, but at least 30 days.

I hope this helps you and feel free to comment below. Of course, I want to answer all your questions. I want to help you. Just feel free to reach out to me. Let me know what you think of this video. Share it with your friends. This is important and let's help each other get well. Remember, health is an investment of time, energy, money and everything you got, you got to invest.

Have a great day. Dr. Hetland in Minnesota.


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