Is Back Pain Getting Better? | #ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

Is Back Pain Getting Better? l #ASKDRHETLAND in Inver Grove Heights!

#ASKDRHETLAND - Is Your Back Pain Getting Better?

Hey guys, Dr. Ryan Hetland here.

I have a question for you. Are you having low back pain and not getting good results? Going somewhere doing something, whether it's at home program you're doing and whether it's a chiropractor you're seeing, a physical therapist you're seeing, medications you're seeing? Are you having problems with your back or your neck and not getting better and within a reasonable time frame?

There's a reason for that because more than likely, you're not treating the cause of your back pain as good as you can and maybe the doctor doesn't know exactly as well as he can or she can what exactly was going on with you.

So here's the big thing when a patient comes in and I evaluate him. I dedicated my life to figuring out what's causing people's back pains. So if you're having back pain and it's not getting better, that pain, you let me know, reach out to me and ask me questions. I'm here to help you, okay?

Have a great day.


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